Before you could stream,

they had to dream.

Two decades before there was a streaming war, a tiny, broke Silicon Valley company that rented DVDs by mail laid the foundation for a revolution in how the world watches entertainment today. 


Netflix vs. the World is the first documentary to explore the genesis of the global streaming phenomenon through interviews of Netflix’s founding team. The film also features interviews with Blockbuster executives and the young MBAs who ran rival Blockbuster Online -- the service that nearly killed Netflix in 2007.


The filmmakers fashioned the narrative of Netflix’s early years and its fight for survival in more than two dozen interviews. They sat down with Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph and a scrappy founding team that included Mitch Lowe, who went on to found Redbox and MoviePass, as well as former Blockbuster CEO John Antioco, former Blockbuster COO Nick Shepherd, former Blockbuster Online General Manager Shane Evangelist and his team, and insiders like studio chieftain Bill Mechanic and advertising guru Frank Smith III.

Netflix vs the World debuts as Hollywood studios join the entertainment-technology revolution that Netflix sparked, and put their might behind their own streaming services.



Based on Netflixed:The Battle for America's Eyeballs

The film was written by Gina Keating, who wrote a successful book and a podcast that reached the top five in nearly every country where it was released. Netflix v Blockbuster v HBO, released in 2018 and 2019, has been downloaded 6 million times with a listen-through rate of 90-plus percent.

The success of the Netflix podcast shows that interest in the Netflix origin story and streaming wars has wide reach, and that fascination is likely to grow next year, as new streamers enter the marketplace. Gina Keating has become an internationally recognized expert on this topic and appears frequently on news programs as well as magazines such as International Vogue and Japan’s The Globe magazine, as well as the Washington Post.